Seeking House Moving Companies in Brisbane? Classic Relocations Offers Temporary Storage Solutions.

In your home stands an excess of furniture – a collection of tables, chairs, and decorations. Each piece is important, but also and massive, demanding space your new home simply doesn’t have. Some of these items, therefore, won’t be able to make the cross-country journey. You’ll have to leave them behind. There’s no time, however, to sort through the chaos and you’re uncertain of what to do.

Classic Relocations recommends scheduling an appointment with us. As one of the leading house moving companies in Brisbane, we recognise that our clients must sometimes part with their beloved items. Limited timeframes, however, make it difficult to organise properly, pack, and transport furnishings. Storage options are instead needed.

We provide those options – allowing our clients to store their collectables safely while they determine what best reflects their new locales. Our experienced team offers direct access to:

  • Individual Storage Modules – 10 cubic metres wide, professionally packed, and placed in our secure warehouse.
  • Individual Storage Containers – 33 cubic metres high, labelled, and placed in our storage facility.

As one of the premier house moving companies in Brisbane, we emphasise customer service. This service is why we happily offer on-site storage, ensuring that people can better control their relocation experiences. To learn more about our facilities – or to request a quote – contact our team today:

PO Box 380
Virginia QLD 4014


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