For Commercial Office Removals in Brisbane, Call Classic Office Relocations

In a growing economy, it is common for businesses to move their base of operations. A business may be expanding and needs more space. Selling more products may mean the need for a larger warehouse. Sometimes, businesses move to save money. Relocating to a new building or office space may cut costs and increase profits. Whatever the reasoning, commercial removals in Brisbane are a serious undertaking. With inadequate support, they can be frustrating and hectic, but Classic Office Relocations can help to make them as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With 20 years of experience in relocating businesses and warehouses, we have developed systems and equipment that can make your removals and relocations seamless.

Common Mistakes During Brisbane Office Removals

Classic Office Relocations has handled thousands of commercial moves throughout the years. As a result, we understand some of the most common mistakes businesses make during the process. The biggest mistake that companies make has to do with their planning process. In preparing for commercial removals, companies fail to factor in the appropriate amount of lead time to make the relocation as seamless as possible. That is why you involve a professional relocation consultant like Classic Office Relocations. We understand how long it may take for an office or warehouse to completely move from one location to another.

Regardless of the size of an office or business, we can help to provide a total solution for your removal and relocation needs. Our services include professional packing and unpacking, moving office furniture and equipment, dismantling and reassembling workstations, screens, partitions, and shelving systems, and transporting computer and IT equipment. We move all of your delicate computer equipment using our specially-designed bags. They are dustproof and waterproof and padded to ensure safe transportation to the new location. We make sure that all of your items are safe and secure and we help you relocate on time and within your budget.

Why Hire Classic Office Relocations

Office removals in Brisbane cannot be taken lightly: they are a lot of work and they often require the assistance of experienced professionals. Classic Office Relocations has performed countless moves for businesses and homeowners throughout Brisbane and South East QLD. Our reputation for excellence continues to grow. Clients know that we will provide them with the highest level of service and prompt communication. In the end, our relocation services offer the most cost-effective choice.

Our performance systems, such as our computer and IT bags, help to set us apart from the competition. We also designed special metal cage systems to make Brisbane commercial removals much more efficient. These cages are fully lockable, secure, and adaptable. They are used to relocate everything from computers to library books. Almost anything that is loose, including the contents of shelves, can be packed into a cage unit. One person can operate the cage system resulting in a much more cost-effective office relocation method.

For more information about our relocation services, please call Classic Office Relocations on 07 3265 3400 or fill out the contact form.

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